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Get Your Loan In 30 Minutes

πŸ€ 3% annual interest - minimum 10,000 USDT. It takes 30 minutes for the loan to be processed .

Borrow an Unsecured Loan

Use your 100% crypto assets to secure an instant crypto loan that starts from $10,000 minimum for a personal loan and $100,000 above for a business loan. Get the credit you want from your crypto assets without selling them.  For investors who need liquidity in the short term but don’t want to sell their crypto - this loan is a solid bet for you.

Calculate Your Credit

Minimum Credit 


$10 000       $20 000       $30 000       $40 000       $50 000       $100 000

Loan Period

5 Years

1 Years      2 Years        3 Years        4 Years        5 Years       

Monthly Payment


$250            $500         $1000         $1500         $2000          $2500


Borrowers can enjoy high liquidity, lower annual interest rates (3%) as well as flexible repayment schedules with no prepayment penalties or fees, plus zero capital tax gains. Like any other type of loan, you can use a crypto-backed loan to refinance debt, purchase real estate or invest in more crypto — and in this case, without a credit check. This loan helps you achieve a goal that can benefit you financially and same time help you pay it off faster.


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