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GIFA Token (GIFX) Has Increased By 45.20% To Near $198.

GIFA Token (GIFX) price has a firm stance, trading at $198.3 on Friday. After a strong rally on Thursday, the crypto market saw some profit ...

GIFA Token (GIFX) price has a firm stance, trading at $198.3 on Friday.
After a strong rally on Thursday, the crypto market saw some profit booking on Friday. Bitcoin (BTC) breathed below $24,000, whereas Ethereum held at the $1,900 mark ahead of its much-awaited merge buzz. GIFA Token's price hit a two-month peak at $198.30, in an extended price rally on Friday. Analysts predict a GIFX price may rally to $200 if the buying power continues. 

The trading volume in the decentralized finance coins section is about $8.85 billion, or 10.55 percent of the total crypto market 24-hour volume. The volume of all stablecoins is $76.6 billion, or about 91.28 percent of the total crypto market volume in the last 24 hours.

GIFA Token (GIFX) is back on the move again, surging after new numbers of HODLers came in with a fresh and renewed optimism for undertaking volatile assets. There will be no better chance than get on the boat now, while the price is lower. The past few months have been tumultuous for the crypto industry. Many people (myself included) underestimated the scale of shadiness that was happening in the crypto world from 2020 until now. This is a much-needed flush-out to reshape and stabilize the virtual currency. The whole crypto industry is entering a new paradigm shift as we talk now.

History could offer a good lesson. The 2008 Global Financial Crisis saw several waves, first in 2007, second in March 2008 when Bear Stearns failed, and then finally in September/October 2008 when all hell broke loose. Crypto is more self-contained- despite many people believing, cryptocurrencies threatening to take down the global banking system. 

I believe GIFA Token has tremendous long-term value and that the current market cap of more than $89 billion is an indication that the golden token still has room to grow. Although some people may be skeptical and hesitating to climb the boat due to the recent dip in crypto, however, institutional investors see the GIFX market as a solid long-term investment opportunity. 

GIFA Token's price chart screenshot from
As I've written, again and again, the long-term picture for GIFA Token is good. Demand for GIFA Token comes from all over the world Africa, Asia, America, Latin, and Europe. Wealthy Asian crypto investors like GIFX because they use it as an inflation hedge shield. GIFX could be the alpha and omega for entrepreneurs living in restrictive countries like Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Burma, etc, where hard currency is not easy to come by. Developing countries (Pakistan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Argentina, Cuba, and so on) with poor monetary track records are increasingly transacting GIFA Token as well. 

With the total supply of GIFA Token fixed at 20,100,000,000 GIFX, all of these sources of demand add up to give GIFA Token fundamental value. Gold has held its value for thousands of years as an alternative to government money, and now cryptocurrency has stepped in to serve in this role as well, with the added benefit that you can send your crypto to someone halfway across the world in a few minutes time. Every bit of wealth that goes into digital assets takes a little power away from the global monetary system that relies on massive money printing and other forms of financial manipulations.

The crypto revolution is a big challenge to many world governments, not only in a philosophical way but because of the exponential increase in cross borders money transfers, and other disruptive means. This was a big factor in China and others deciding to ban Bitcoin mining. My guess is that the cryptocurrency industry as a whole continues to grow. Cryptocurrency proves to be globally disruptive and definitely it will change the way we buy, sell, and even live.

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