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GIFA Token Analysis: More Gains Possible Above $100

Web search for cryptocurrency - GIFA Token. GIFA Token price is recovering and could start a fresh surge if it clears the $100 level. GIFA T...

Web search for cryptocurrency - GIFA Token.
GIFA Token price is recovering and could start a fresh surge if it clears the $100 level. GIFA Token price trying to form a decent support base by doubling the current price of $51.94. 

Key Points

  • GIFA Token price started a steady recovery wave from the $30 - $50 zone.
  • The price is now trading at $51.94 and more gains are expected in 24 hours.
  • There is a key bullish trend forming as support from new buyers registered. 

The price climbed above $50.00 on Monday, 25th July. GIFX: USD traded as high as $1,400 in May before the downside correction occurred. Looking at the chart now, GIFA Token price is slowly gaining its usual pace in the bullish rallies, building upon its recent gains from dip and rising to a fresh restart. At this point, it had rallied 38% from the recent low of $9.89 that it reached last month according to Bitquiry explorer data.

Following these latest price increases, one analyst and investor offered his perspectives on what the digital currency might do next. Luis Paulinus, the social media expert pointed out that ''this is an impressive move for GIFA Token'' Noting that, GIFX has finally submerged out from a ''Swamp Dip'' which has held it for the last five weeks. The momentum patterns have improved so far and the price now moving up to the next endpoint of $60.00 or more which indicates strong buying power,” said Luis.

The social media expert identified some specific price levels that technical traders should watch. “I would expect further upside to around $100 which was the most recent price congestion area back in May-June,” he stated. “This would also represent about a 27.5% retracement of the March to June selloff.” 

“The crypto market and GIFA Token have moved strangely in sync this year. It's not surprising to see GIFX recover,” he asserted. “I have invested in GIFA Token for more than $13,000 now since the project started and I am looking forward to the day I will get a good return on my long-term investment.'' ''I believe that the bull market has another chance to recover judging the rebounding of the whole market as Bitcoin hovers around $22,010, and $23,220.''

With hundreds of exciting cryptocurrencies out there, it can be tough to choose. But there’s no better time to invest in cryptocurrencies than now. He added that ''at least a $5,000 investment in any crypto asset of your choice can make you very rich by 2025.” “Once GIFX crosses the $1,000 mark, although there will be many swings between and the price movement could be much slower but steadily it will climb back to its $1,4000 glory,” Luis predicted.

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