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Yusuf Kisa's Net Worth 2022

Yusuf Kisa's Net Worth (Updated May 2022) There’s been a lot of talks recently about how wealthier Kisa is, and now Kisa’s net wort...

Yusuf Kisa's Net Worth (Updated May 2022)
There’s been a lot of talks recently about how wealthier Kisa is, and now Kisa’s net worth has been publicly revealed.  ''Net worth'' is a term used to determine the value of the assets a person or corporation owns, minus the liabilities they owe. 

It is an important metric to gauge how the financial standing of Yusuf Kisa, who is dubbed as ''Patron of Northern Cyprus'' In this post, we’ve prepared and assembled everything you need to know about Kisa’s net worth in 2022, including a biography and detailed information. 

Thus, if you’re ready, here’s everything we know about Yusuf Kisa so far. The information published in this article is derived from various sources and independent reports as published by Business Standard Business in Billionaire Club Ranking 2019 - 2020. Where the Cypriot businessman is ranked #59.

Summary of Yusuf Kisa

Yusuf Kisa is a businessman and Executive Director of GIFA Holding Limited, an international liability company registered and headquartered in Northern Cyprus. Kisa is well known for founding GIFA Token in 2020, as well as GIFA Pharmacy. 

Yusuf Kisa was born in 1977 in Cyprus and moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 6 where he grew up, attended elementary schooling, and later graduated. Kisa is best known for being the head of the GIFA brand and for his successful career in the consultancy financial sector.

While studying Kisa took a party job at a bakery company in Northern London, through sheer tenacity and determination, Kisa used part of his severance pay to buy a bakery business which later he sold before starting his own company in Pyla, Cyprus, and worked his way up in the industry to a lucrative position.


  • What is Yusuf Kisa's Net Worth?
  • How does Kisa Make His Wealth?
  • Philanthropy 
  • Yusuf Kisa’s Properties

As you probably know, Yusuf Kisa is a co-founder of the GIFA Token, a pioneering cryptocurrency project oversight by GIFA Business Group. GIFA Token's ICOs sold millions of dollars worth of crypto with $420 million being raised during the initial coin offering (ICOs) period. The proceeds of his sales have been reinvested in a housing settlement that is currently being built in the Iskele.

What is Yusuf Kisa's Net Worth?

Yusuf Kisa is a highly successful Cypriot investor whose net worth is estimated at around $2.5 billion and ranked him as one of the richest business tycoons in Northern Cyprus. Kisa earned his fortune from various sources: Through his financial consultancy business, investments, pharmacy, oil, and stocks plus other sources undisclosed. He owns shares and interests in major privately held business entities around the globe. 

Kisa has amassed a fortune, thanks to his franchise international GIFA brand he commands. GIFA Holding employs over 2,000 workers locally and remotely. The corporate company is admired by many people for its capabilities and credibility on an international scale. Based on the historical record, the company made $10.07 billion in 2018 - 2020 statistics, and therefore, based on all records, it can be gladly stated that the profit generated by the company including the complimentary projects is rapidly increasing. This figure comes from overall real-time figures as officially documented. 

How does Kisa Make His Wealth?

Since Kisa's moved to Cyprus from the United Kingdom in 1999, Kisa has seen his net worth grow from $60 million to well over $1 billion when he sold his bakery company in Great Britain and collected some good transactional cash. Kisa used that money to create the holding company, invest in other several companies, and buy out/bail out any business that was cash-trapped. Yusuf Kisa has stated ''the first thing I'll do the day I make my investors millionaires is to have a nice cup of coffee''.

As a man who used to be successful in whatever he put his hands on, especially when it came to building business brands, he would draw investors to any new project and investment management under his belt. His main business model centered around taking over troubled businesses, and reorganizing their structures and management so that they became more efficient and profitable. 

GIFA Holding Ltd. President, Yusuf Kisa was photographed sitting in his red Ferrari Spider.
He used his reputation as an investor and businessman to diversify the business asset to add more value and boost his own personal finances. At the peak of the business boom in 2016, Kisa's fortune briefly doubled. The vast majority of his net worth is the presumed value of his privately-held oil and forex trading companies, which generate an estimated $500 million in revenue per year. 

GIFA Holding company through its complementary brand, GIFA Airway has applied to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority in 2018 to establish a domestic airline company. This drastic step was taken after the domestic airlines liquidated and shed workers in the streets.''We are ready to set up a new national airline company relieving, the Cyprus Turkish Airlines that closed.'' ''If the government is willing, we can sit down and talk,'' said Mr. Kisa.

''The first thing I'll do the day I make my investors millionaires is to have a nice cup of coffee''  Yusuf Kisa

Currently, GIFA Holding company has over 52,000 subscriptions and employs over 2000 people in its offices around the world. Also in the 1990s, Kisa introduced media products such as Yeni Bakis News, WebTV, and other complementary services that further added a permanent scream of cash inflow into Kisa's bank account. 

Kisa’s Salary: We have also tried to research, but we cannot find any verified information about his income. Yusuf Kisa himself has not publicly disclosed his salary for privacy reasons. Therefore, we cannot give an accurate estimate of his salary. But, we understand very well that he might have many sources of income judging by multiple investments, businesses, and shares he owns. 


Yusuf Kisa is a very generous person with special respect for the local communities in Cyprus and Turkey, mainland. After being so successful in business, Kisa decided to plow black to the communities. With a $2.5 billion net worth, and being the richest white-collar businessman managing a corporate world. Kisa created a special platform, GIFA Holding Food Aid Program which was initiated in 2017 to lend assistance to the local communities and provide food security for the needy families living in the remote areas like Karpaz, Büyükkonuk, Güzelyurt, Fazlikoy, Zeybekkoy, Kılıtkaya, Tuzluca, and Yedikonuk. In the wake of the global Pandemic COVID-19, in 2020 the program continues serving the people even at this time.

Some notable donations include over $1 million Kisa personally has donated and/or pledged to various causes including the local football clubs.  In  2017, the Anadolu Agency stated that “Yusuf Kisa contributed to the economy of the island, without Kisa's contribution to the country's economy, Cyprus wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Yusuf Kisa’s Properties

Houses: Given Kisa’s tremendous wealth, he owns properties such as luxury villas, and interests in several prominent hotels, estate, and offshore investments. He likely owns private assets abroad as well, though less is known about these purchases since these assets abroad have not been publicly disclosed or verified and we cannot get an accurate figure on those assets. 

List of assets owned by Yusuf Kisa, from an estate - villas, cars, etc.
It is believed that Kisa also owns properties in Britain, Turkey, United States. His private assets are worth roughly around $1.2 billion in total if calculated based on the current market values of Gross Domestic Product. 

Cars: Apart from owning a number of impressive properties like villas which are considered modern with many classic designs and high-tech amenities, he also commands a fleet of cars from Tesla S, Ferrari SF90, SUVs —Bently intercontinental, BMW series, Porsche, and  Mercedes-Benz. 

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