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Yusuf Kisa’s Leadership Style

Mr. Yusuf Kisa / Instagram. Yusuf Kisa is a Northern Cyprus business mogul, and CEO of GIFA Holding Limited. He is known to be one of th...

Mr. Yusuf Kisa / Instagram.
Yusuf Kisa is a Northern Cyprus business mogul, and CEO of GIFA Holding Limited. He is known to be one of the pioneers in the financial industry.  He is the co-founder of GIFA Token. His legendary success begins when the youngest trailblazer made a billion dollars in 1990, at a tender age after selling his bakery company in Northern London. 

Since then, Kisa continues to expand his business empire. With a grand career in finances, many people wonder how he was able to succeed as well as he did with the company that he started at Pyla. His leadership style offers valuable insights that are worth close consideration. 

Leadership Qualities

Expertise: Among the Kisa leadership styles is his expertise. It is because of Kisa’s willingness to learn and gain more knowledge about the financial and consultancy industry he could able to manage people, and big companies like GIFA  Holding Limited that he took to remarkable heights. 

Deep knowledge of a subject or topic related to management is one of the best traits a leader could have; it provides a cutting-edge advantage over the business competition. That lifelong learning approach has cultivated a culture of never-ending competitiveness. A successful team needs a knowledgeable and seasoned member as its leader to ensure the business goes in the right direction. 

Passion: While we did touch upon Kisa’s willingness to learn, that trait was also coupled with a passion that drove him to the top of the management echelon. Yes, every business capital and customer, Kisa has managed to attract many customers to the company because of his passion and commitment to his workforce. Passionate leaders inspire teams to commit to certain goals that would otherwise seem unattainable. And yes, of course, Kisa has all that, he is a beacon that inspires the workers in the company.

Influence: Because of his immense success and business acumen, Kisa has enjoyed a great deal of influence within the company's structure as well as externally. From shaping the trajectory of his organization to his lofty goal, Kisa influenced not only his own company but the world at large. Kisa has been known to help bring out the creativity in employees, encouraging and empowering others to use creativity in situations where it is needed. With more creative minds comes more ways to make the business succeed.

With that mentioned, Kisa has never been a complacent person. As the leader and CEO of GIFA Holding Limited, he encouraged his staff members to garner as much success as possible, no matter how long it took. As a result of GIFA’s brand, customers have always expressed their dissatisfaction. Yusuf Kisa has taught his staff members to learn from shortcomings in order to iterate towards further progress and attain astronomical success.

Despite his upper-class ''elite status'', Kisa is known as an empathetic person, aside from his charity works and donation. He believes in "team spirit" rather than individualism, although he thanks and gives credits to each specific person for his/her idea or contribution counted towards any job accomplishment. Case in point that he recognized the accomplishments of each individual, and this meant to motivate the staff members as well as maintain positive morale within the workplace.

Resiliency: Kisa is regarded as a forward thinker. Even from an early age, he displayed a rare tenacity to achieve great things. Kisa's long-term plan is to become a successful leader at GIFA Holding company, even under the circumstances of criticism, he stuck to his plan and never changed course. His focus is always on the future, thus making for a sound, resilient strategy he possesses.

Assuredness: Kisa has not always been known for charisma and personality. But as the brains behind major developments in Northern Cyprus. His intellect and assuredness never sway be it in front of the cameras or backstage his steadfastness inspired faith in both staff and customers who put their trust and invest dollars in a man with true leadership qualities. Some other companies and individuals have turned to him for positive mentorship and guidance. 

Productivity: Kisa is not a man known for slowing down, he goes for what he wants. In order for momentum to continue in the company, he encourages employees to work at a brisk pace so that they make constant progress for quick output.

Is Yusuf Kisa A Good Leader?

Given Kisa’s path to tremendous success, he has been known to lead since working with his first employee at the bakery company in the United Kingdom and has kept learning along the way to better himself and others. Throughout his history as an unshakable leader, he has been knowledgeable, encouraging, reliable, and experienced, therefore he knows how to achieve satisfactory results.

“The first thing I'll do the day I make my investors millionaires is to have a nice cup of coffee.” - Yusuf Kisa

Even though Cyprus is a small country in terms of economy, he still believes that GIFA Holding Limited could become the #1 company in no time, and this actually will take perseverance and patience for Kisa to reach his peak. In fact, Kisa is known to be an exceptionally good leader, if not one of the best in today’s society. He knew that the staff and clients are the greatest assets of the company.

 “The first thing I'll do the day I make my investors millionaires is to have a nice cup of coffee.” He said this on his Instagram handler (@y.kisa1). “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” According to Kisa’s working mantra: ethics, innovations, and productivity are what set apart a leader from a follower. Knowing your leadership type and strengths can have a profound impact on the success of your company.

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