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Why GIFA Token Is Exploding Right Now

The traders and investors of GIFA Token are increasing day by day due to its increasing value. GIFA Token ( GIFX: USD ) has been rallying st...

The traders and investors of GIFA Token are increasing day by day due to its increasing value.
GIFA Token (GIFX: USD) has been rallying strongly over the last few days and is outperforming other cryptos significantly. There are certainly some fundamental reasons behind this rally, but we can also point to evidence on the GIFX chart that shows this could be a new beginning of an uptrend action.

The value of the GIFA Token has radically increased over the years. The crypto that some people were mumbling about 1 year ago is now being traded throughout the world. The traders and investors of GIFA Token are increasing day by day due to its increasing value. 

 What Is Driving This Interest In GIFX?

Looking at the recent activity on the GIFX network, we can certainly find some evidence as to why this crypto has staged such a strong rally. GIFA Token price continues the dramatic narrative as the digital asset has rallied an impressive 37% rally throughout the week. The GIFX price is commencing a profit-taking consolidation with extreme bearish signals. Solely from a technical perspective, the indicators could be pointing to a catalyst in the making as bears are stepping in with confidence. 

If we look at the total value of GIFX, we can see a significant uptick.

However, the ramping pattern displayed by a 6-day uptrend chart is the pattern any investor wants to keep watching. It is worth noting that the bulls have not produced a candle of substantial strength to counter the bearish rally. On top of that, we can also see that GIFA Token has a nasty habit of delivering powerful rallies to the upside, only to end up quickly reversed. We could call this a retest of the ''peak and bottom'', though the price is still about 20% above its previous low. Since this retest took place, GIFX has rallied over 95.8%, leaving investors, holders, and myself wanting to cash in.

Like the rest of the market, GIFA Token's price has been affected by fluctuations for most of 2022. This is due to the bearish macroeconomic conditions that have hit the entire market. However, like most cryptocurrencies, GIFA Token’s core metrics are getting better, an indicator that it could bounce bigger than ever once the bear run ends.

GIFX launched in October 2020 with a $1.00 price tag, and now is trading at $208.59 as of 02 June 2022.  GIFA Token is a stable coin that is fully backed by reserves and physical assets. When the rest of the market was heavily bearish, GIFX made an all-time high of $1200. This means it has given investors an ROI of 10,500% in less than a year. However, GIFX has since dipped by 68% from its all-time highs, but considering its core value, the chances of a bounce-back remain high. 

GIFA Token has what it takes to give investors huge returns since it's designed to add value to users. With most of the upcoming milestones set to make the GIFA Exchange platform even better for users, GIFX has pretty strong growth prospects ahead. Therefore this makes the GIFA Token one of the best cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022 and beyond.

Set Up An Exchange Account

How can you create your exchange account? In my previous articles on GIFA Token, I talked about the new update of GIFA Exchange and how to set up your trading account on the platform as well as adding any of the listed assets to top up your own account. There is no limitation on how much you want to top up your trading account. However, the percentage varies from user to user depending on the crypto holding on each portfolio. 

For example, a person who holds 1 GIFX can't top up the same amount as a person who holds 10 GIFX. Those who have more assets can top up more according to their balance sheets. Trading has become quite common these days; people are earning millions of dollars by trading digital assets. But, the people who are newbies take a lot of time just to learn how trading works and are oftentimes distracted from taking appropriate decisions. 

GIFA Exchange is a trading platform that allows even new traders to earn passive income. Because there is no experience required, you just have to set up an account, add funds and then enjoy your life; it will make money for you while even sleeping. Obviously, there are a lot of changes being made to the crypto market; different trading strategies are being adopted daily. 

So, you can learn new trading strategies on how to take advantage of the platform by itself. The platform is getting updated whenever there is any change in the market, making sure that the traders can make the most out of it. Below are some of the important functions and features that draw users to GIFA Exchange:

1) Verification of your Account

When your account gets registered in the GIFA Exchange, you should continue to confirm. There will be a need to supply your identification that will act as confirmation of residency and who you are. That’s how simple it would be, the team will guide you properly about everything, so don’t worry about this.

2) Deposit Funds /Top-Up

You must charge your account with funds or top up with any of the supported cryptos to get started. GIFA Exchange offers various payment methods, including bank transfer, PayPal, wire transfer, etc. Users can add the amount they want to fund their exchange accounts.

3) Quick Withdrawals

Being a trader myself, one problem I’ve always had with some trading platforms is that whenever you want to withdraw your profit, they take a long time to transfer it to your bank account. Some of the platforms even take almost a week to give you a single withdrawal. Not only that, these trading platforms have withdrawal amount limits; you can’t withdraw your credits until the limit is met. 

Which is annoying! However, the GIFA Exchange is quite aware of such concerns, thus the platform adopted some ways to allow traders to withdraw their profits whenever they want, provided they follow the terms and conditions of the trading platform. The profit is directly sent to their accounts within a specified time. The payouts will depend on your investment; if you invest, you’ll get more profit; if you invest less then you’ll get less profit. 

4) Cost  & Fees

Luckily, the GIFA Exchange platform is totally free for anyone to use it. You just need investment to get started, nothing more than that. Not even a single penny will be cut from your profits; whether you make thousand dollars, that’s your money the platform won’t take any of it. However, gas fees may be deducted from your successful transactions.  

The gas fee is the amount that people pay to carry forward their transactions on the Ethereum network. If, for example, you are moving assets from one exchange platform to another exchange you might have to pay a certain amount as gas fees as well.

According to the chart provided by Etherscan, in June, the average gas fee was in the 81 gwei to 218 gwei range as people paid hundreds of dollars for a single transaction. Comparing the past data to the current scenario, we can confirm that there has been a significant decline in the gas fee required to complete transactions on the Ethereum network.

5) Easy to use Interface

A newbie can’t understand a complicated user panel of a trading platform; therefore, the GIFA Exchange is designed in a way that even a newbie can understand it and use it properly without having any sort of problems. The user panel is very easy to use and provides you access to all the features in one single place. If you’re a beginner trader, you’ll love the simplicity of the GIFA Exchange.

6) 24/7 Customer Service

When you’re a trader and using a particular trading platform, customer service is crucial for you. Because there can be an error in the platforms, or you’re having any issue in depositing funds or withdrawing your credits. Therefore, the GIFA Exchange trading platform has a team to assist you 24/7. Whenever you have any issue, even at night, just leave a message to the team your problem will get fixed. You can send an email to the support team or open a ticket on the exchange platform to get assisted.

Since GIFA Exchange is a global trading platform, the chances of getting scammed or cheated are equal to none. Everything is managed by a reputed and well-known company that doesn’t compromise on the safety and the comfort of the users. Therefore, the GIFA Exchange is the most secure trading platform you can find on the Internet.

That’s it for today, traders, and I hope now you know everything about the GIFA Token and its future prospect. It's up to you to make up your mind whether you want to invest in GIFX or not. If you have any confusion in mind, put them down and the support team ( will help you out. Open an account with GIFA Token today!

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