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Yusuf Kisa – Fact Sheet

Mr. Yusuf Kisa, leaning against the sofa in the office / GIFA INC. The Northern Cyprus entrepreneur Yusuf Kisa is known for founding a Londo...

Mr. Yusuf Kisa, leaning against the sofa in the office / GIFA INC.
The Northern Cyprus entrepreneur Yusuf Kisa is known for founding a London-based bakery in the United Kingdom and GIFA Holding Ltd, which serve as a landmark in the commercial sector in Northern Cyprus since 2012. 


Yusuf Kisa is a businessman and financial wizard that has had an unrivaled impact on the economic backbone of Northern Cyprus. — Yusuf Kisa is the owner of the Yeni Bakis Gazetesi, a popular local newspaper, and WebTV in Northern Cyprus.

Kisa made headlines in 1990, when he expanded the business operations, and had contracts with a number of major institutions such as Heathrow Airport, supplying them with loaves of bread, over 35,000 loaves of bread were supplied to the customers on a daily basis. Eventually, he sold his bakery in Northern London for a huge profit and became a multimillionaire in his late 20s. Kisa entered into financial consultancy and bolstered his portfolio by acquiring more business franchises that cemented his position as a leader in the financial industry.


Yusuf Kisa was born in Cyprus in 1977, the youngest of three siblings in the family. At the age of 6, he moved to the United Kingdom together with his family. He spent his childhood in Great Britain, later attended elementary school, and eventually finished school and graduated from university. During his university years, Yusuf Kisa as a student took a part-time job delivering bread for a bakery in North London. Later he became the owner of the same bakery company that has been supplying Londoners with loaves of bread, cakes, and food delicacies for many years.

Never ever could his family believe that he would someday become one of the most successful and wealthiest businessmen in Cyprus. In 1999 eventually, Kisa decided to return back to his homeland Cyprus, a country that was in need of economic development at that time.


At the age of 27, Yusuf Kisa began his financial career operating businesses both in Moscow and Paris. After just 10 months moved from London, his business in Moscow alone generated more than €25 million ($29.7 million). In total, the profits made by all businesses together made a staggering profit of about €300 million ($357 million). For Yusuf Kisa, this was not a point to stop or slow down. He set on expanding the business franchises and opening more branches, reaching out even to Poland.

After returning to Cyprus, he established his first consulting business in Pyla, a town village situated in Larnaca and located within the United Nations buffer zone. “The decision I took was based on the fact that the Republic of Northern Cyprus was not recognized by any country apart from Turkey,” Kisa said. “ However, the southern part of the island was recognized by the world, and Pyla, in particular, is under the guidance of the UN, so I could trade freely with every part of the world.”

After some years later he expanded the business operation by opening new offices throughout the island. His new financial consultancy company employed over 200 staff and grew in gross turnover of €2 billion ($2.4 billion). Kisa’s business offered every type of financial advisory and consultancy service to both local and international clients. GIFA Holding Limited continues to consolidate its unshakable position and grows its core business activities across all spheres. With the new ventures on the horizon, the company aims to capture the vital spark of the ever-growing entrepreneurial market, maximize profits and establish a cutting edge in the current global economic environment.

With this in mind, GIFA as an international company is currently busy establishing some new projects such as a Business Incubation and Innovation Centre, GIFA cryptocurrency, and other projects. The aim is to provide business space and support services within the environment of the institution that will accelerate the development of emerging and high-potential start-up businesses for participants and investors.


Given his tremendous wealth and business acumen, Kisa has pursued an interest in Blockchain technology more specifically in cryptocurrency development. Kisa is one of the earliest adopters and cryptocurrency investors. According to the insider source, the crypto project was on the drawing board for some years but in late October 2020, GIFA Business Group launched a cryptocurrency project ‘’GIFA Token (GIFX)’’. GIFX has a total supply of 20,100,000,000. Within just 48 hours of launch, the pre-sale event has attracted 1000+ contributors.

Early bird investors purchased the tokens in bulk during ICO which now successfully generated an estimated revenue over $420 million, a good income for the investors and subscribers. Close to 89 million from this income was tokenized (reinvested) in a 2-year retirement settlement project being built in Iskele. The valuation of GIFA Token has raised sharply from the $1.00 launching price. GIFX’s steady expansion proves that it will surely become a sought-after digital asset and store of value. GIFX adoption is wildly growing among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and speculative investors. Several wealthy business owners have invested heavily in this digital asset.


In October 2017 the self-made magnet has drawn the attention of the media when Kisa pledged a donation worth $1 million to various charities, local football clubs, schools, and marginalized people that need the necessary support. In the wake of the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic crisis, he extended his generous donations to the local communities through GIFA Food Aid Program providing Samaritan assistance to the neediest families living in remote areas like Karpaz.

The company also distributed basic items like blankets, drinking clean water, and food parcels to over 200 needy families living in Büyükkonuk, Güzelyurt, and the surrounding villages were benefited from such aid. ‘’Our food aid efforts have put smiles on many families’ faces’’. ‘’Most people who received our aid have expressed their satisfaction and thanked the company leadership for its generosity, in responding to the government’s calls for patriotism and national assistance’’. ‘’We hope other business entities will show the same care as we do,’’ said Kisa.

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