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From A Scooter To A Millionaire

Yusuf Kisa / Photo file. The following short story presents just how Yusuf Kisa propelled himself from just a baker scooter in Northern Lond...

Yusuf Kisa / Photo file.
The following short story presents just how Yusuf Kisa propelled himself from just a baker scooter in Northern London to the heights of the business world. Yusuf Kisa's rise to success began in early 1990 when he was just 20, he’s now a multimillionaire. 

While his classmates were playing dominos and doing their homework, Kisa had spotted an opportunity to earn money after school at a bakery company in Northern London, the same company that later he bought in cash and became an owner. It wasn’t all plain sailing though: In making that journey, he’s gone through peddling some obstacles to come to the point of running a multimillion-dollar company today. Kisa knew he had to work hard for the money!

Business portfolio

Yusuf Kisa entered the world of business, operating his first bakery company in the nearby Heathrow Airport in United Kindom. It took him time, and resources to complete that voyage, and thanks to his innate talents he honed through his early life when he first learned to manage the bakery business at a younger age. 

His story is a dream that inspires many people, especially the youngsters and entrepreneurs who looking for a role model in the purest form to build a commercial empire. Kisa wouldn’t be where he is today if it was not for his remarkable abilities as a ''financial wizard''.  Considering his greatest business acumen, he garnered both critics, zealots, and admirers in the process of succeeding in his business efforts. 

Kisa readily admits this reality which is all part of business life. They may criticize him on the ground of business rivalry and competition but they will never ever be able to stop him from doing business, a field in which Kisa's prowess. 

Yusuf Kisa is regularly recognized by global financial institutions, feared by media houses, and talked about by successful moneymakers in his industry and beyond. He consolidated business footprints, especially in the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Poland, the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Cyprus, where parts of his business chains were established.


In 2010, 2014, 2015, and 2018, Yusuf Kisa earned several awards as one of the best CEOs and recently he scoped an international recognition when Kisa was ranked as the wealthiest person in Northern Cyprus according to a financial report. One of the main reasons for this success is Kisa’s ability to build and leverage his business brand, GIFA INC, into a multi international corporation.  He has a unique ability to set trends and profit from them, and he has explored many ventures for astronomical profits since 1999. 

Some financial analysts from Anadolu Agency, declared Yusuf Kisa as a business tycoon of Northern Cyprus. “Kisa helped the economy of the island” without Kisa contribution to the country's economy, Cyprus wouldn’t be where it is today.”  

People's person

He made good friends from all political parties and nationalities have forged friendships with Yusuf Kisa.  Several leaders and authorities also respect him, and scores of public figures have visited GIFA's main headquarter to spend time with Kisa, and they all praise his natural brainpower, friendliness, openness, and neutrality whenever discussing important matters with the intricacy of national interest. 

Kisa established the GIFA Food Aid Program to help the underprivileged and disadvantaged communities, providing them basic necessities. In 2017 GIFA Holding donated $1 million to the affected families in remote areas. 

In the wake of the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic crisis, he extended his generous donations to the local communities. The company also distributed basic items like blankets, drinking clean water, and food parcels to over 200 needy families living in Büyükkonuk, Güzelyurt, Karpaz, and the surrounding villages.

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