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Where And How To Buy GIFA Token In Slovenia

A recent study performed by  Fast Private Jet , an Italy-based business aviation company, revealed that Slovenia is one of the top crypto-fr...

sloveniaA recent study performed by Fast Private Jet, an Italy-based business aviation company, revealed that Slovenia is one of the top crypto-friendly countries in the world.  According to the statistics, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Argentina ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively, in terms of crypto-friendliness. Spain too ranked 4th, followed by Japan, El-Salvador, and Colombia.

While Malta has been ranked as the least crypto-friendly country in Europe. This is contrary to China, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, and Bangladesh, which have all outlawed cryptocurrencies for different reasons. Thus far Slovenia's cryptocurrency adoption has grown rapidly in the country, as over 1000 businesses and organizations now accept crypto payments. 

These businesses include hotels, hair salons, dentists, restaurants, as well as cafes. A number of crypto payment points also on the increase include crypto ATMs.  The government has no imposition or striction for people to own or use cryptocurrency or invest in stable coins. There are no capital gains taxes levied on cryptocurrencies at the moment. This makes Slovenia extremely attractive for crypto investors if they're willing to relocate.

Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana, has been found to be the most crypto-friendly city in the whole of Europe. The city of Slovenia, Ljubljana has already surpassed other most crypto-savvy cities like Vienna, Rome, Madrid, and Prague, Ljubljana earned the number one place as the most crypto-friendly destination with more businesses accepting payments with digital coins and tokens. 

Indeed, Slovenia boasts an astounding number of 1333 crypto-friendly bars and restaurants, shops, and sports venues, where crypto payments are accepted.  Slovenia's crypto payment story began in Ljubljana's biggest shopping district, conveniently called the BTC City and Atlantis Water City respectively. The use of crypto-payments has grown by almost 900% to date.

GIFA Token's users in Slovenia

GIFA Token as a fast-growing digital currency has attracted many investors. Over 40,000 Slovenians are estimated to hold GIFA Token. The Northern Cyprus-based crypto exchange promises a wide range of technological innovations and future potential. GIFA Token users are gradually increasing in Slovenia and some other parts of the world.

It is totally secure for Slovenian users because GIFA Exchange offers an efficient way for everybody to buy, sell and own GIFA Token and other supported cryptos online safely. So, whether you are a company owner or an individual, you must open an account with GIFA Exchange to take this advantage. 

''GIFA Token is a new kind of money for everyone''

GIFA Exchange provides users with the tools and financial instruments needed to manage their cryptocurrencies. Most importantly, ensures the safe storage of your cryptocurrency.  ''We know that everyone wants financial freedom and the opportunity to shape the future.''  Why not create an account? After you created an account and made some deposits, you will become a GIFA Token owner. 

How to open GIFA account in Slovenia?

  • Buy cryptocurrency instantly using a variety of payment methods.
  • Buying options include PayPal, SWIFT, and Bank Transfers.
  • High spending limits allow you to purchase the cryptos you want.
  • The verification process is quick and secure.

1) Download a GIFA  Apps

  • First, download a GIFA wallet and GIFA Exchange from the App Store and Playstore to be able to store all the crypto collections and carry out transactions with other digital currencies.  

2) Create an account

  • The next step involves creating a GIFA account after the wallet App is installed on your mobile phone. The process is similar to opening an account at a bank. You need to have your ID, and upload all required information including the utility bill. 
  • The next important thing you will need is a private key. There is a particular private key for every crypto asset on GIFA Exchange. Remember not to share your private keys and make sure to keep your wallet address safe and confidential. You can use two-factor authentication to make it more secure.

3) Fund your wallet

  • The last step is to deposit the fund in your wallet, and the same place where you will store GIFA Token and other cryptos after purchase. You can choose to fund your wallet with one or more options like bank transfers or swapping with other cryptos.

4) Get started in buying or selling

  • After finishing the steps above, you are now ready to start buying and selling. All you have to do is open your GIFA Wallet and select the crypto asset you want. You will also be provided with a unique QR code that can be used to make transactions. So, whether you are buying goods or services online or transferring money to friends and family, GIFA wallet offers a fast and efficient way of doing so. 


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