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GIFA Exchange's Platform Got New Improvements

Screenshot of GIFA Exchange ( Crypto exchange GIFA Token announced on Thursday that the company has updated the p...

Screenshot of GIFA Exchange (
Crypto exchange GIFA Token announced on Thursday that the company has updated the platform with new features. Over the course of last month, the developers of the GIFA Token's platform did a great job and in fact are still busy expediting the platform's interface with the latest features and so doing improving the overall stability, security and functionality. 

GIFA Token “GIFX” aims to provide simplified and fast-track upgrades to its smart contract platform and interface. The main goal is to create a well-defined framework to work seamlessly with the upcoming  GIFA Token's proof of stake in the blockchain ecosystem.

Meanwhile, the White Paper was also updated and introduced Policy changes so that the platform operates accordingly to an international legal framework and blockchain protocols. GIFA Exchange provides crypto trading services and investment opportunities to verified members that utilize the p2p platform and maximize their profits.

GIFA Token (GIFX) is known for doing things cunningly and steadily, since the date of its inception. This is a proven testimony that the company is consistently moving forward.  “Every step taken is carefully planned and subsequently consolidated to observe the short-long term outcomes and adjust any inherent risk.”


GIFA Token had raised more than $250 million in ICO pre-sales and crowdfunding at the current valuation of 19,007,411 GIFX has been raised. Launched in 2020, the company is operated by GIFA Business Group, a multi-international entity. Furniture shops, auto dealers, hospitality services, construction, and real estate are among the investors that participated in GIFX ICO, which was a successful campaign.


It reported that the funds raised would be used to invest in new projects, GIFAland Theme Park, GIFA Retirement Homes, GIFA Innovation & Incubation Centre, GIFA Nektar, and other innovative developments as described in the company's White Paper.

Despite the good news of the new features, the price of GIFA Token (GIFX) has dropped dramatically from its all-time high recorded in previous months. At present, when I write this post GIFX is trading around $4.79, shedding more than 50% value, worth of thousand dollars values. GIFA Taken is forecasted to hit $60.00 or more by the end of April. This sharp downtrend could be perhaps attributed to some push and pull factors related to token liquidity and instantaneous maintenances incurred on the trading platform.

The expected GIFA Token's average price for 2022 is $250, which is 11.98% increase in value from the current price. The maximum predicted price for the same year is $350 which is forecasted to be reached before July 2022. Nevertheless, the trading platform and its service are now officially resumed and everything is operating normally!  

Caution: If you are experiencing issues logging in to your GIFA Exchange account because your password isn’t allowing you to sign in as usual due to system updating, there are a couple of options. You can request help from the Support Team at, or you can reset your password by receiving an email with a link to change the setting and new password.

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