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How Many People Own GIFA Token?

GIFA Token has been in the news laterally. Many people have participated in its first initial coin offering (ICO). In this article, we will ...

GIFA Token has been in the news laterally. Many people have participated in its first initial coin offering (ICO). In this article, we will take a closer look at the GIFA Tokeneers, the people who hold it since was created in 2020.  GIFA Token is a unique crypto asset that has a limited total supply of 20 billion. Therefore this scarcity makes it more rare and valuable.

How many people own GIFA Token?

It's almost impossible to know for sure how many people own GIFA Token, due to some inherent factors, but we can use available data on the blockchain system to skin down and make some educated guesses. According to, it estimates that GIFA Token is owned by a large number of users across the globe, with more than 200 countries registered. As of 30 March 2022, the statistical data indicates that 600,000+ custodian addresses hold GIFA Token.
GIFX’s trajectory since its moment of launch has proved to be more successful. 
This does not mean there are 600,000+ people who currently hold at least 1 GIFA Token, the number could be even more because this is just a general estimation to give you a clue. For instance, a person can own more than one wallet address and one address can be also owned by a company, especially an investment firm that invested in GIFA Tokens on behalf of the clients. Based on the numbers above, it seems there is a growing number of crypto investors and participants who are optimistic and trying out the new economic experimentation.

There are 3 factors to consider:

  • Inactive Accounts: Some customers may open an exchange account, buy crypto, and sell it later such an account will be there despite it not economically active. 
  • Multiple Accounts:A user can have unlimited accounts for eg 1 GIFA Token on each wallet. 
  • Premium Account: One address may belong to many people or for example, holds 400,000+ GIFX in one address. If we treat each address as a person, this would be considered one person but might really represent thousands of people.

There are between 1000 and 30,000 active addresses per day. This means there are many unique users either sending or receiving GIFA Token per day. On 22nd March of 2022, daily active addresses dropped sharply to less than 1200 active addresses. As of today, the daily active addresses sprung up once again above 20,000 and this also synchronizes together with the price movement which is today trading at $124.82 per 1 GIFA Token.

What makes people buy GIFA Token?

Many people use GIFA Token as part of their investment strategy and long-term savings. Despite the fluctuation of the prices, the bonafide hodlers are not moving funds out of the exchange and are perhaps choosing to hold their positions to acquire big gains. There are important pulling factors that encourage people to buy and invest in GIFA Token:

Adoption: Crypto adoption among the general public is a gradual process that may take time, but as the GIFA Token brand expands and its value rapidly increases this entices the global crypto community to come on board. GIFA Token ''citadels'' already captivated early crypto investors and participants in the project as defined by the whitepaper

Screenshot of GIFA Token wallet addresses from
Some see it as an inevitable investment opportunity that will explode in value in contrast that the fiat currency system will crumble, forcing wealthy investors to diversify their crypto portfolios. Others were inspired by the chance to decouple from the concept of nationhood and exit a traditional financial system that is now hampered by massive inflations. The people living abroad see it as a way to send remittances to family members at home—saying it would save expatriates, students, and unbanked farmers from charging fees and costs whenever doing money transferring. 

Sovereignty: Having the ability to influence the project in such a way that it benefits everyone and makes every user an owner. Really, it's a wonderful thing! GIFA Token is a financial technology that allows you to store value over time. Users will enjoy privileges and freedom to spend it wherever it is accepted. Cryptocurrency eliminates the need for a commercial bank, and users can transact globally.
How GIFA Token empowers users to become sovereign individuals?
Owning digital currency gives people the sovereign ability to hold large sums of cash in digital form without the fear of a bank or government agency arbitrarily freezing their assets.  With GIFA Token your money is secure!  Another point is the fact that GIFA Token is censorship-resistant and is a key factor that gives users true ownership and a form of sovereignty to choose how and where to spend their hard-earned money. 

No third-party: The ability to transact and store your money without requiring permission is the most important aspect of GIFA Token's mission. Nobody can make exceptions for any GIFA Token owner who stores their assets wherever they want for any length of time. This is not the case with bank savings where you lack the authority and anytime your fiat money can be restrained. GIFA Token as digital currency empowers and allows each individual to intact with their funds directly without any intermediaries.


Trading crypto assets, ETFs, and commodities carry a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade cryptocurrency you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor. 

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