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How Many People Know About GIFA Token In Nigeria?

This is hard to calculate but let's try to elaborate a bit: Nigeria leads Africa in peer-to-peer trading, posting weekly volumes of arou...

This is hard to calculate but let's try to elaborate a bit: Nigeria leads Africa in peer-to-peer trading, posting weekly volumes of around $8 million, followed by South Africa and Kenya both posting about $2 million weekly in 2021. According to the data extracted from Statista found that about 32% of Nigerians used cryptocurrencies – the highest proportion of any country. More cryptocurrency trading goes on in Nigeria than almost anywhere else in the world.

It would be nice if all of them were GIFA Token users but it's not possible for multiple reasons, one is that the digital currency is still growing. GIFA Token has become one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies spreading all over the world like wildfire. Every day GIFA Token popularity is increasing, and many people are hearing about its potential as well as its ramification.

GIFA Token (GIFX) - Statistics & Facts

Is it a new gold rush so to say! Ever since GIFA Token’s creation in 2020 – the cryptocurrency enormously gathered global interest. “GIFA Token searches on Google, distribution, and usage is much higher than other cryptocurrencies that have been around in the market ever since then, particularly in Nigeria, Ukraine, and United States. This analysis suggests that GIFA Token is the most popular in these three countries, which are perceived as the crypto hubs. 

Ever wondered how many Nigerians use GIFA Token? 

GIFA Token generated a lot of attention, and massive wallets openings, especially in the wake of Covid-19. According to data from Bloxy and Nakamoto Index, the number of people transacting daily has been on a steady rise since March 2021, going from an average of 10000 - 200000 per day and this reaffirms that HODLing is the most popular usage of GIFA Token.

Nigerian Adoption

Nigeria has become one of the most popular destinations for digital currency adoption despite ongoing battles with the Nigerian Central Bank that imposed restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions in the nation’s banking system, Nigerian users successfully, traded close to ₦316.9 billion worth of crypto in 2021 alone. Over 25% of  GIFA Token holders are Nigerians, meaning that thousands of users are based in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kaduna, Sokoto, and other federal states. 

Emerging Market

The blockchain technology behind GIFA virtual currency emphasizes privacy – it is difficult to estimate how big the cryptocurrency’s market size really is. With the growth of fintech, people across the world are wrestling with economic collapse, and alternatively are using cryptocurrency as an inflation hedge. One figure that sheds some light on GIFA Exchange’s popularity is the 650000 verified users from more than 200 countries worldwide. 

This is a stark increase from the 1000 users that were registered with the exchange in the first month of the launch.  Among the top-leading countries, are the United States, Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Turkey, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, DRCongo, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, and Turkey, revealing that GIFA Token is a truly global phenomenon.

Adoption Pace

In a few years when you see GIFA Token prices hit $1000, don't be surprised, because GIFA Token is steadily gaining major adoption. The crypto projection as a whole is very optimistic, judging many younger people adopting the new global financial system, web3, and other technologies like 5G it highlights the positive fact.

Adoption pace is also hard to determine except for some approximation based on wallet counts and price movement. GIFA wallet count increased 1000 times as compared to almost 2 years ago and the price is trading above $470 as of today, 25th April. Based on that we can estimate that 10 folds growth of the user base will be doubled in a few years. Based on this, next year GIFA Token (and crypto in general) can reach adoption by 15% of the target population. 


One thing is sure, don't worry about volatility that much, even in 2022 you're still among early adopters and maybe even among investors. Doesn't matter when you join the project, you will always somehow profit if the project hits the market. But earlier you join, the greater your profit might be and also greater your risk as well.  If you are looking to understand more about GIFA Token and why it is such a popular technology, sign up to join the expanding community of  crypto investors

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