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Ukraine: Using GIFA Token As An Investment Hedge Asset

Ukraine is among the top 5 countries that leading GIFA Token users. GIFA Business Group has just announced a new opportunity for Ukrainian G...

Ukraine is among the top 5 countries that leading GIFA Token users.
GIFA Business Group has just announced a new opportunity for Ukrainian GIFA Token users and new members to use GIFX's global market as an investment hedge asset against fundamental economic disruption. Make use of this safe haven as a way to get your money out of danger to a very secure hedge fund. 

Investing in GIFA Token, the world’s fastest-growing digital asset that is widely accessible in many countries like the United States, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Singapore, and most of Europe could be the best choice. Start investing as little as $100 with GIFA Exchange today by just simply buying GIFX, USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, and BNB from the comfort of your home.

GIFX Adoption in Ukraine

GIFA Token continues to advance operations as well as maintain its presence in Ukraine and looking forward to gaining a dominant position in Kyv's crypto market by offering a wide range of crypto investments and freedom of money. The rapidly growing userbase of GIFA Token in Ukraine has made this non-fungible token stronger as a large number of people are investing in it each day. ''We are honored and equally more delighted to continue serving our Ukrainian GIFX community.''

According to GIFX’s latest data analytics, an article published by Science Techniz on 28 April 2021 shows that Ukraine is a hotbed for cryptocurrency adoption, with a 42 million tech-savvy population, blockchain developer community, and crypto-curious government. Ukraine, Russia, the US, Turkey, and Nigeria are the top countries with GIFA cryptocurrency users, although there are some sporadic holdings from other countries like Zimbabwe, DRCongo, and others.

GIFA crypto project presents several beneficial options for Ukrainian users and people across the globeThanks to the new crypto-friendly legalization that was recently introduced to allow GIFA Token to meet the needs of its users and operate in Ukraine openly. The progressive legalization of cryptocurrencies in the former Soviet Union Republic will stimulate positive growth in the Ukrainian economy as well as attract additional investments to the country. 

₴5 Ukrainian hryvnia banknote in the shape of Ukraine map.
The patterns for crypto usage vary from country to country. Ukrainians are actively using crypto to send money for business-to-business and cross-border transactions, avoiding cumbersome banking regulations. Michael Chobanyan, founder of Ukraine’s first crypto exchange, Kuna Exchange, said small businesses, which are using crypto to circumnavigate foreign currency regulations, might be turning around up to $5 million worth of crypto every week. 

They mostly pay for imports coming from Turkey and far Asian countries. There are many retail crypto investors in Ukraine, too, Chobanyan believes. Kuna generates about $800,000 worth of retail crypto trades daily, he said.  Crypto rally sparked by investors seeking a hedge against rising global risks.

Ukraine Legalized Cryptocurrency

As the stock market tumbling and political turmoil sent shivers down the spines of investors, Ukraine's government has now legalized Bitcoin and other altcoins as tensions with Russia persist. Bitcoin adoption got a huge boost in Ukraine after the parliament approved a final reading of the “Law on Virtual Assets” bill.  

The law will provide a legal framework, overseen by the National Securities Commission (NSC), covering all aspects to do with investing in the crypto asset class. The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine is the central executive body that is responsible for transforming Ukraine into a modern digital state. 

₴500 Ukrainian hryvnia banknotes, GIFA Token, and a gavel represent crypto legalization in court.
The new law is an additional opportunity for business development in our country that allows both international and Ukrainian crypto companies to operate smoothly. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov said the new law will open up business opportunities in Ukraine, which infers an intentional move to diversify from its traditional mining and agriculture industries. 

Crypto adoption is growing and is the most profitable industry around the globe. 

The Ministry realizes the public policy in the following fields: digitalization, e-governance and e-democracy, electronic and administrative services providing, electronic trust services and e-identification providing, digital skills, and digital rights development, open data, national electronic information resources and interoperability development, e-commerce and business, IT-industry —should be developed, capacitated and supported. 

Following on from the crypto draft bill proposal, first mentioned in the summer of 2021, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are now legal in Ukraine. Under the Law on Virtual Assets, crypto companies can operate legally subject to oversight from the National Securities Commission (NSC). The NSC is tasked with developing appropriate policies, managing a licensing system for service providers, and financial monitoring. 

The passing of the Law on Virtual Assets represents a step in the right direction as far as digital asset acceptance is concerned. At last, Ukraine is finally in a situation where the executive, legislative authorities, and market have come to an understanding of the regulation of the Ukrainian cryptocurrency market. Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alexander Bornyakov said the growth of cryptocurrency is way ahead of traditional sectors of the economy. The Law of Virtual Assets allows Ukraine to expand economically and position itself as a leader in this space

What's Safe Haven? 

According to Baur and Lucey, a safe haven is “an asset that is uncorrelated or negatively correlated with another asset or portfolio in times of market stress or turmoil”. Therefore, it is a type of asset that is expected to retain, or even increase its value during bear markets. As an example, gold is commonly considered to be a safe haven. Investing or buying GIFA Token is much like the same way you buy any other cryptocurrency. 

The safe-haven asset class like GIFA Token gives investors an option to park their funds and ride out of stressful situations (rising economic and geopolitical tension) and avoid risky assets such as stocks and other tradeable commodities that are vulnerable to inflations. 

The trade war between the East and West has triggered a global equity downturn. Bitcoin, on the other hand, was shadowed by anxiety to a level below US$38,900 on 23 Feb 2022. However, Bitcoin, GIFA Token, and other virtual currencies are not subject to the same psychical forces as fiat money, thus making digital assets a preferred choice for people who distrust the global financial system. 

GIFA Token is neither owned by a central bank, nor any single government; therefore, it is insulated from the whims of a particular world's economic meltdown or political conflicts. It is shielded from typical political interference that underlines market turbulence. Crypto assets will always attain values despite political crisis and trade war, which left some investors fearing the investment pullouts and vicious sell-off.

The crypto market it's less likely to be negatively affected by political turmoil like the trade wars. It’s also important to acknowledge that cryptocurrency can’t be manipulated the way fiat money has been. Because GIFA Token is a decentralized network and is not backed by any government, it would be nearly impossible to manipulate. 

There’s also a set supply of 20,100,000,000 GIFA Token, making it scarce in the same way a precious metal like Gold is. GIFA Token has the fundamentals of a “safe haven” investment, but the young currency has yet to live through a true testimony. Only time will tell for sure if GIFA Token will breach 1,000 targets or remains stumble upon the market.

How to Open Account with GIFA Token from Ukraine

GIFA Exchange has no strict minimum deposit amount, anyone can literally start with $35 (USD) and upward or transfer cryptos without incurring depositing fees. Opening an account with GIFA Token from Ukraine is easy and free, this process is done online and requires:

  1. Register, and upload an ID through the web or mobile App.
  2. Once the administration team approves your account, it's time to deposit funds
  3. The deposit of the funds with Bank Transfers, or, if you already hold cryptos on other platforms, you may transfer them as well and use crypto as a method of payment.
  4. Once the company confirms, the payment and the funds are in your account, you are ready to trade.

How Much GIFX Does $100 Get You?

As of today 23 Feb 2022, (14:23 GMT) the price of 1 GIFA Token is trading around $92.65, so $100 would give you roughly $9,265 balance if purchased today. At the beginning of this month, the price surged to around $613.00 before plummeting down and resurrecting again. 

As a stable altcoin, GIFA Token's price is relatively stable and can't go beyond 1 USD. The ever-growing demand and highest volume of day-to-day trading of GIFA Token have increased its price to an extreme level.

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