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GIFA Token: Offering 100% Bonus For USDT Deposit

Grab 100% Deposit Bonus For USDT / GIFX.  GIFA Exchange is offering massive earnings of 100% BONUS to any user who deposits 5000 USDT minimu...

Grab 100% Deposit Bonus For USDT / GIFX. 
GIFA Exchange is offering massive earnings of 100% BONUS to any user who deposits 5000 USDT minimum, the promotion is running for 5 days from 15/02/22 - 20/02/22.  Take note that there will be no extension when the promotion ended. 

Make use of this good opportunity now if you really want to double your earnings with a 100% bonus. This offer is available for both existing members and new clients who deposit or re-deposit the required amount into the accounts, subject to the terms and conditions.

This is a remarkable benefit is for every deposit, which can open bigger positions for you and earn more profits.  The limited promotion is designed to give GIFA Token users an ample opportunity to double up their crypto earnings.  GIFA Token is a crypto trading platform supporting major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, XRP, etc. 
Enjoy a 100% deposit bonus of 5000 USDT and more.
Raise your crypto earnings with 100% worth of USDT from GIFA Token which is withdrawable! People in the market who took advantage of this plunge have built a strong foothold in the industry to earn more than 1000% return.
Easy deposits, lightning payouts!
Deposit 5,000 USDT and get 10,000 USDT credited to your account instantly. Every user can get up to a bonus for each deposit. When you are not trading, you can transfer your USDT bonus to the wherever wallet of your choice, but if the user chooses not to withdraw, he/she will enjoy the extra annualized interest of passive income without any risks, which is no doubt that this bonus is the most profitable rates in the industry.

Profit Calculation Samples:

  1. Deposit 5000 USDT  =  10000 USDT Bonus.
  2. Deposit 10000 USDT  =  20000 USDT Bonus.
  3. Deposit 20000 USDT  =  40000 USDT Bonus.

24/7 Withdrawal and 24/7 Customer Support 

With an easy deposit and lightning payouts: After depositing at least 5000 worth of USDT on GIFA Exchange or in the digital wallet you can submit a withdrawal request anytime you want and have your 10,000 USDT back in as fast as 30 minutes during work hours. If you encounter any problems, you can contact our customer support via e-mail at

Offer Validity

The offer will expire on the 20th of February 2022.

Terms and Conditions

  • – Users will be rewarded with a 100% Bonus of 5000 USDT or earn more if deposit more.
  • – The promotion is valid for 5 days from 15 /02/2022  - 20 / 02 / 2022.
  • – Minimum deposit to apply for the Offer is: 5000 USDT
  • – Withdraw instantly.
  • – This offer, will NOT be converted into cash or another asset that is not indicated, only USDT.
  • – This Offer is available for both existing members as well as new clients of GIFA Exchange who deposit or redeposit into their account(s) the said amount.
  • – This Offer is limited to one (1) account per client unless multiple accounts have been declared.
  • –  There will be no extension of the promotion date upon closing.

GIFA Wallet 

With the GIFA App, you can manage your account, be able to place a deposit, and trade anywhere and anytime you want. It also integrates other tools like real-time charts, price alerts, etc. GIFA Wallet is available to download from Apple Store and Google Play. Install it on your device and register to get a 100% deposit bonus now. 

GIFA Token crypto project launched in 2020, has become one of the fast-growing crypto exchanges in the market. With headquarter in Northern Cyprus, it currently has operations in Turkey, the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. GIFA Token is trusted by over 400k subscribers from over 200 countries.

Further Support

Contact the GIFA Token Customer Service at / or call directly at +90 392 611 6000 (Ext 335 & 339). Users can also contact the company from the GIFA Token App on their Android or iOS phones by opening a ticket! Contacting through the app is free - all you need is an internet or cellular connection.

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