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GIFA Token—A Friendly Gift Idea For Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine Day / GIFX. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the crypto investors across all crypto markets will have to pull themselves away from ...

Happy Valentine Day / GIFX.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the crypto investors across all crypto markets will have to pull themselves away from watching the prices, and charts to pay a little special attention to their loved ones. The crypto enthusiasts are looking for an easy way to celebrate Valentine's day on 14 February by combining their crypto-holding interests with love interests. 

After a string of traditional Valentine's Day presents such as candles, champagne, chocolate, and roses, crypto could make it one of the better gifts you could possibly give to loved ones this Valentine. For those looking for an amazing present with thoughtful surprises, indeed a crypto gift could make someone's heart tremble. Fortunately, as the market develops, more options are appearing. 

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Crypto Enthusiast

Valentine’s Day is upon us and you are probably panicking about what to do to save your Valentine date. With endless options out there, the prospect of choosing a gift at the last minute for that special someone can feel somewhat daunting! But, don't worry, the GIFA Token crypto team got you covered and we have rounded up some of the best presents that can be paid in crypto!

Spend crypto on Valentine's Day's gift / GIFX.

Recently Survey has shown more Americans, the society that leading global crypto adoption, the gift of cryptocurrency would be a meaningful gift to them. About  25% hope to get some crypto as a gift this year. That means that roughly 4% of all Valentine’s Day gifts could end up being coins of some kind with a spending average of $113.25.

Fly Away Together

A romantic getaway may be all you need to de-stress yourself while spending some quality time with your partner. Thanks to the travel bookings giant, Expedia, which began accepting crypto payments for hotel reservations on 12 June 2014. and Travala are also the best sites for booking flights with crypto, especially if you own BTC.  If you are a globetrotter in that particular, why not put your cryptocurrency to good use?

The world is your oyster!

If traveling is your hobby and want to spend this hallmark holiday on the tropical beaches in Maui Hawaii, Maldive island, Karpaz Peninsula, etc but the budget, is biting you, just buy some cryptos on GIFA Exchange at a very competitive lowest price, there are several assets listed on the platform including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and etc. 

There are a number of things to spend your crypto and GIFA Token is no exception, users can book a hotel or make dinner at some local restaurants that accept GIFA Token on the island. As GIFA Token's adoption continues to grow as well its acceptance, users will be soon able to book even flights and buy items from Amazon at a discount, in the future.

Will you spend GIFA Token this Valentine’s Day or keep holding on?

If you are already holding GIFA Token in your crypto portfolio you can send it directly to the person you want to give a gift to.  Yes, I know this may sound a bit obvious or strange to people who are hearing GIFA Token for the first time or have little knowledge about its future potential.

Stunning view of Maldives tropical beach /Agonda.
Being a GIFA Token holder and other cryptos, you can share your passion with your loved ones. Buying crypto probably might be a last-minute gift that can fill someone’s heart without emptying your pockets. 

Crypto enthusiasts have a number of ways to bring their favorite asset class and romance to the forefront of the celebration. GIFA Token hit new all-time highs after breaching the $600 level last week before dipping to $67.22 on Monday, 14 Feb at 13:43 GMT. Buy, the dip now and save more in your pocket!

Some crypto analysts claimed that women won’t want crypto's gift itself unless you explain that the digital currency (Bitcoin) could be worth more than $100K in the future, this should be enough to score you all the relationship points you could ask for. Especially if the price predictions do come true someday – and give your love story a fairy tale ending where you all live happily ever after.

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