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GIFA Token Today Trading At $18.33

The “people's cryptocurrency” today is trading at $18.33, GIFA Token has gained 34% in the last twenty-four hours — chasing Cosmos (ATOM...

The “people's cryptocurrency” today is trading at $18.33, GIFA Token has gained 34% in the last twenty-four hours — chasing Cosmos (ATOM) at $40.68 and Litecoin (LTC) at $149.50 as leading rivals. GIFA Token has a total supply of 20,100,000,000 GIFX tokens and 350,000,000 GIFX tokens in circulation. 

Analysts predict that GIFA Token price will rise above the current level. ''The institutional investors are chomping the bets and more are hungry for healthy returns on their investments. The buying interest for GIFA Token is heating up as prices climb, which will bring in new buyers, to drive up the value even more.

Meanwhile: Bitcoin remains stubbornly immobile at the start of the week, though some crypto analysts believe it is approaching a moment of reckoning. Bitcoin price rejuvenates its uptrend as it bounces off a 4-hour demand zone, extending from $41,843 to $42,707.

Ethereum is off by almost 2% since this time yesterday, Ethereum price movement signaling a continuation of its uptrend, as today closing at $3,199.600. Ripple price revisits the demand zone, ranging from $0.694 to $0.753, as bulls fail to kick-start a rally.

Crypto asset vs Gold

People in countries ravaged by hyperinflation like Venezuela, Turkey and etc —  cryptocurrencies have filled the void in the global economy, and the benefits are too great for people to ignore.  To hedge against inflation, most libertarians look to gold as a haven for their wealth. Yes, gold has served as a store of value for centuries, everyone knows that. 

Right now, $1 million will buy you something like fifty pounds of gold at $1,335per ounce. Sure, you could easily bury that loot in the house backyard. But in an emergency like a Tsunami where you have to evacuate your home in a hurry — that fifty pounds of gold become a heavy burden on your entire investment to move quickly to a safe place. Really, it's too RISK, and you may lose all! 

On the other hand, a digital asset like GIFA Token is weightless, spaceless, and it stores its value eternally on the blockchain ecosystem. So as long as you have access to the internet, you indeed have access to your GIFA Token holdings, and investment is secured— no matter where you are as long as you still remember your Seed Phrases (Private Keys and Public Keys) that require no physical space for storing. 

If you would like to know where to buy GIFA Token, the GIFX exchange ( is the main platform to buy and sell GIFA Token. You can find others listed assets on the exchange page, but you should first open an account to be able to use the exchange. 

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