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GIFA Token - Questions And Answers

The year 2021 witnessed one of the worst financial crises in human history. With many industries and the general public losing confidence in...

The year 2021 witnessed one of the worst financial crises in human history. With many industries and the general public losing confidence in conventional financial institutions and instruments, cryptocurrencies emerged as an alternative. GIFA Token is one of the fast-growing cryptocurrencies that arrived in the market with the promising of blockchain game-changer as its underlying technology. The following discussion offers an overview of some questions and answers related to GIFA Token: 

1) What is GIFA Token?

GIFA Token is a decentralized digital currency powered by blockchain technology and promotes inclusive financial services to everyone.  GIFA Token crypto project was first introduced to the public in 2020 with $1.00 USD as a launching price.

2) What is Digital Currency means?

Digital Currency is virtual money that cannot be touched and seen, but it can be traded and exchanged electronically. In a blockchain decentralized market, the technology allows crypto investors to execute transactions directly with each other without a need for a centralized authority. With a digital currency, you can buy, sell and exchange values directly, without intermediary parties involved. 

3) Who developed GIFA Token?

GIFA Token is a crypto project of GIFA Holding Ltd, a multi-international company, headquartered in Northern Cyprus. GIFA Token was developed using Ethereum, the ERC 20 protocol. The first ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was introduced to the first investors almost two years ago. GIFA Token is well programmed and its value is backed by several investments and physical assets that will deliver maximum benefits to the participants. I should tell you that GIFA Token's ICO is a success story! During the first ICO period alone, the company has successfully allocated and sold over 120 million GIFA Tokens, raising the funds over $100 million (USD) which is good profits for the investors and users in this project.

4) What is an ICO?

ICO stands for ''Initial Coin Offering'' which is a decentralized fundraising model that plays a big role in the crypto world. Here, actually, we mean financial technology (Fintech), start-up businesses, or sole entrepreneurs raising capital by distributing tokens to interested parties. 

5) Does GIFA Token got a Road Map?

Yes, GIFA Token has a clear road map: ''We are devoted to building a strong global network of GIFA Token followers, subscribers, and owners''. ''We are committed to an open, transparent, and progressing forward to expand the GIFA Token community, globally''. ''We believe that GIFA Token will become the most admired ‘People's Cryptocurrency’ and well, of course, we are embarking on the route to making GIFA Token a powerful cryptocurrency, fundamentally secured, and decentralized platform''. ''Our strong values, beliefs, and moral commitments shall continue to shape GIFA Token’s crypto project forward''. 

6) Who controls GIFA Token?

As I said earlier, that GIFA Token is a virtual currency, so no one can govern GIFA Token. Because it is decentralized digital money that is issued and managed without any centralized authority. 

7) What is the total supply of the GIFA token?

The maximum supply of the GIFA Token rests at 150,000,000 (One hundred and Fifty million) tokens. About 30% unit is available for purchase while the remaining GIFA tokens have been allocated for different purposes, such as giving credit to the founding team, research, rewards, marketing, etc.

8) Does GIFA Token provide a wallet to users?

Yes, GIFA Token provides a free digital wallet to all users to manage their cryptos. Users can use GIFA Wallet for holding, buying, storing all collections of cryptos include GIFA Token. Furthermore, the wallet owner could send and receive funds. GIFA Wallet is available for download on App stores for both Android phones and iPhones. 

9) What are the benefits of GIFA Token?

The important benefits of GIFA Token include payment flexibility, lower transaction fees, and reduced risks of economic inflations. In addition, GIFA Token also offers the advantages of improved security and control alongside ensuring inclusiveness. Furthermore, blockchain decentralization ensures that GIFA Token will always remain completely free from the control of any organization or individual, thereby verifying that users' transactions and information remain completely anonymous.

10) Can I sell GIFA Token?

Yes, GIFA Token hodlers can able to sell GIFA Token, there are many ways if you are procreative. In fact, we can sell it online to an exchange or some other people like friends or anyone who want to buy it. There are many people who want to buy, GIFA Token as we speak now. GIFA Token can be sold in the same way as it bought on the exchange. Furthermore, we can purchase luxury cars, real estate, furniture, and spend GIFA Token in the local hotels and buy goods at some of the businesses that accept it. GIFA Token can store values much like fine gold and other types of securities.

11) What is the price of one GIFA Token? 

The price of 1 GIFA Token as of today, 11 January 2022 is trading at $9.87. The price of GIFA Token fluctuates regularly as per the demand and supply. The ongoing market correction is has created a good opportunity to buy the dip now, and save more in the pocket. This period is a perfect moment to become a GIFA Token owner! 

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