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GIFA Token Advancing Institutional Crypto Adoption

USDT and GIFX Institutional crypto adoption has grown exponentially over the past few years, with institutional interest in crypto-related s...

Institutional crypto adoption has grown exponentially over the past few years, with institutional interest in crypto-related services and blockchain technology ever becomingly a modern norm rather than the exception. 

As per the Korean statistic report, there is a “boom” in crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) investment – with mega-rich companies such as Samsung, GS Retail, Tesla, MicroStrategy, Nexon, and others leading the way targeting the future markets with clear potential for global NFT, and digital currency system. Large companies are showing their willingness to advance into the new expanding industry.

GIFA Token which is a decentralized digital currency has positioned itself as a new leading displacer in the industry proving a robust crypto asset that built for the financial revolution. GIFA Token's mission is to provide safe and secure crypto investment options to institutional investors as well as individuals across the globe. GIFA Token (GIFX) made its debut to the public in October 2020, the year that marked a watershed moment for the entire cryptocurrency market. This particular crypto project is backed by GIFA Holding Ltd, a multi-international company. 

Institutional interest 

Although the mother company, GIFA Holding Ltd is not narrowingly only focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain, the company has many business segments from consultancy to commercial property and has diversified its products as well as services by opening its doors to investors who are looking for investment opportunities in digital assets. 

GIFA Token allows its customers to open personal and business accounts to buy, sell or hold multiple cryptos supported including Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have quickly emerged as one of the hottest investment vehicles in our modern time, gaining traction first from retail traders, miners, and now from institutional investors. The industry that was firstly led by Satoshi Nakamoto has started as a simple domain of bedroom coders to now a growing financial sector with over $3 trillion in market capitalization, the crypto space has seen a sudden surge in value, adoption and continues to attract huge interest from all kinds of investors. 

As crypto becomes a mainstream investment option, big banks have begun to realize that they’re missing out on an entire sector of the new economy. Nearly all of the biggest companies have at least a handful of cryptocurrency-focused employees on their payroll. Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, have proved to be quite stable over the long term. 

It’s clear that big institutions aren’t going to shy away from the potential gains, despite the volatility risk involved. But, the fact is that there’s a lot of money in crypto, that you can make even you are sleeping. Some platforms like allow customers to buy major cryptos at the lowest fee that beats the market prices of big trading platforms like Robinhood, Coinbase, Binance, and etc. 

 Why you should invest in GIFA Token? 

As is the case with investing in any asset class, whether it makes sense is ultimately up to you! Before deciding to invest in cryptocurrency, it’s important to consider your tolerance and risks, as well as your time horizon (short-term or long-term), and any other relevant details about your financial situation.

“Crypto investment can be daunting at first, but we strive to champion inclusivity at all times, whether that be for new retail entrants or corporations looking to enter the rapidly growing digital asset in the industry.” 

GIFA Token’s steadfast aim is to make everyone the owner by distributing cryptocurrency that transcends national boundaries and empowers individuals to participate in a decentralized financial space that was long dominated by an exclusive economy for a select few. 

In the nascent crypto industry, safety considerations remain front and center for many investors. To this end, GIFA Token has prioritized bolstering the platform’s security since its inception. GIFA Token has partnered with a number of local and international brands as well as local auto dealers, construction companies, hospitality, and real estate.

Despite the risk associated with any tradeable virtual assets due to the volatility, the decentralized nature of crypto and the potential future it holds should be the main factor in determining your decision. We know for sure that cryptocurrencies aren’t insured like real estate, but we also knew for sure that some few crypto assets out there are backed by physical assets: GIFA Token in this regard is backed by the corporate entity with several physical assets and projects under the pipeline as articulated in the Whitepaper. The project itself is cemented in a strong foundation and its intrinsic value is ever-growing.

At this point, if you are seeking crypto investment to add to the portfolio actually, you don’t need to empty your whole pocket entirely into crypto, consider making smaller investments as you learn the curve ahead. If you decide to invest that this is the right move for you!

It’s critical to ensure you're dealing with trustworthy institutions.

Investing in cryptocurrency from well-established companies like GIFA Holding LTD offers a distinct advantage, whereby the investor is not directly exposed to the volatile market movements that riddle the rest of the crypto market. Investing in crypto-related businesses also grants an investor the convenience of avoiding the complexities and economic inflations. GIFA company is just a few of the publicly listed companies that investors can look to when it comes to traditional routes of investing in crypto.

Investing in crypto offered by an established company is another way of diversifying and gaining from the overall value proportional increment. This gives investors exposure to an investment vehicle with a low correlation to the volatile price swings of the crypto market. Surely, any investor can buy GIFA Token or any cryptos listed on the platform and make a profit from their rising value. 

Furthermore, GIFA Token has taken great steps to ensure the investors' peace of mind that their funds are safe in their own wallets which is an air-gap digital wallet system. Beyond its ample potentials, is fast-growing crypto project has been lauded for its high efficiency, security, and proactive customer support service. The company has a multi-diversity team dedicated to serving corporate clients, providing high-touch service on demand. The company continues to test out the concept of selling the token online/offline, improve its accessibility plus user experience.

About GIFA Token

GIFA Token was officially introduced to the first investors in October 2020 at $1.00 (USD) as a launching price, with a trading total supply of 20,100,000,000 plus 350,000,000 tokens available in circulation.

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