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GIFA Token Has Rolled Out New Improvement

GIFA Token's login interface / GIFX. GIFA Token today announced the rollout of an enhanced trading platform for users. GIFA Token users...

GIFA Token's login interface / GIFX.
GIFA Token today announced the rollout of an enhanced trading platform for users. GIFA Token users can now go straight to the trading platform and log into their accounts without experiencing any problems. Users can also see new features implemented in the trading platform, and they can start using them right away.  

For those users in some regions who were affected and experiencing intermittent login issues, when accessing their accounts. The company made this good news on Thursday, that all the error has been fixed. The company continues to provide is crypto services to investors and all participants.

Locked Out Issues Has Been Resolved

Following the maintenance on the platform that affects some GIFA Token's users who reported that they can't able to access their accounts due to technical shortfall. However, some users were able to log in as usual but they can't see the balance. While the majority have never experienced this problem, out of desperation some people have tried to uninstall and reinstall the mobile app to see if it bring change. 

For an extended period, after the app was updated, ''I have been unable to login and received a "Password Error" on each attempt despite I entered the correct password. ''From yesterday I have noticed something. ''I tried again to log in and I am now able to access my account without having a problem''.  One user gave his feedback. 

Thanks to the company for addressing all technical errors on the trading platform. Now,  customers can sign in / sign up on the cryptocurrency exchange. We are thrilled to have you on board! GIFA Token's team in particular is glad that you made the right choice to be part of this crypto project in exploring a great opportunity and we thank all our users and investors for the patience they demonstrated during the set period.

How To Buy GIFA Token?

  • GIFA Token users can easily now interact with the trading platform hassle-free. 
  • Log into your account and then click “Buy/Sell” in the upper right corner of your screen.  
  • Then enter the quantity of cryptocurrency or amount you wish to buy or swap. 
  • If you are a new user, you need to REGISTER

After you’ve completed these steps, click “Preview” to confirm the transaction information. You will then see a popup on your screen with the confirmation, which will show you not only how much money will be sent to your wallet, but also show the balance in USD.  After you’ve selected your preferred payment option, just click “Continue.” You’ll see the transaction information there for confirmation, and you’ll have the ability to adjust the amount you want to buy as well as the payment method. 

If everything is in order, all you need to do now is click “PAY.” The transaction will be confirmed this way. Depending on the bank and network, your funds will reach your account in a matter of minutes or days. 

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