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Meet T.R.N.C’s First Crypto Billionaire

Who Is Yusuf Kisa? Mr. Yusuf Kisa sitting in his red Ferrari 458 Spider: Mr. Yusuf Kisa is a financial wizard that has had an unriv...

Who Is Yusuf Kisa?

Mr. Yusuf Kisa sitting in his red Ferrari 458 Spider: Mr. Yusuf Kisa is a financial wizard that has had an unrivaled impact on the TRNC’s economy. — he is the owner of the Yeni Bakis Gazetesi, the popular local newspaper, and WebTV in Northern Cyprus.  Mr. Kisa is not only a president of GIFA Holding Ltd but a successful investor who made his first million in the 1990s after bought and sold the bakery in Northern London, where he first worked a part-time job delivering loaves of bread to customers during his university years, in the UK. Kisa expanded the business and had signed contracts with big companies such as Heathrow Airport, supplying them with over 35,000 loaves on a daily basis. 

Mr. Yusuf Kisa

GIFA Holding Ltd's President Mr. Yusuf Kisa.

Mr. Yusuf Kisa was born in Cyprus in 1977, the youngest of three siblings. At the age of 6, he moved to the United Kingdom with his family, where he later finished school and graduated from university. Never could his family believe that he would someday become one of the most successful and wealthiest businessmen in Cyprus.

At the age of 27, Mr. Yusuf Kisa began his financial career in Russia and later France. After just 10 months, his business in Moscow alone generated more than €25 million ($29.7 million).

The total profits made by all businesses together had a staggering about €300 million ($357 million). However, for Yusuf Kisa, this was not a point to stop or slow down. He set on expanding the business franchises and opening more offices, reaching out even to Poland. Eventually, Kisa decided to return to his homeland Cyprus, a country that was in need of economic development and recognition. He established his consulting business in Pyla, a village in Larnaca located within the United Nations buffer zone. His new financial consultancy office employed over 200 staff and grew to gross a remarkable turnover of €2 billion ($2.4 billion). 

The business offered every type of financial advice, product, and service on the market. Of course, the financial guru Yusuf Kisa had strategic reasoning behind locating his business in Pyla. “The decision I took was based on the fact that Northern Cyprus is not recognized by any country apart from Turkey,” he said, “The Republic of Cyprus the south is recognised by the world, and Pyla is under the guidance of the UN, so I could trade freely with every part of the world.”

When asked when he will slow down, Yusuf Kisa modestly replied, “Never I suppose.” As a result of his success to date, GIFA, Inc. is now the second Turkish company to enter the US Stock Exchange and is rapidly growing into a financial phenomenon.

Business Incubation Centre

GIFA Holding Ltd continues to consolidate and grow the core business activities across all spheres. With the new ventures on the horizon, the company aims to capture the vital spark of the ever-growing entrepreneurial market, maximize profits and establish a cutting edge in the current global economic environment. With this in mind, GIFA as an international company is currently busy establishing a new project "Business Incubation and Innovation Centre of Excellence". 

The aim is to provide business space and support services within the environment of the institution that will accelerate the development of emerging and high-potential start-up businesses. Incubation centers will be established at the company's headquarters to facilitate the commercialization of research and development projects undertaken by the entrepreneurs. 


  • (i) To foster entrepreneurship and business development activity, 
  • (ii) Help realize the commercial potential of Northern Cyprus.
  • (iii) Support regional development and technology initiatives in the region. 

GIFA has set aside $40 million (USD) to offer seed-funding, incubating, mentoring, training, knowledge dissemination, and best practice directing to those individuals whose projects or business ideas are selected.  Each entrepreneur will be given enough time to turn these ideas into viable businesses development. For expressions of interest is: 

  1. STAGE: Write and send a 100-word summary motivation proposal. 
  2. STAGE: If you are selected, you will be invited to submit, in writing, a full project or business proposal. 
  3. STAGE: If you make the 3rd Stage, you will be invited to submit your proposal, in person, to a panel of 3 Judges.
  4. STAGE: If successful, you will be given a budget and an office in the company at the GIFA Headquarter Building (in Cyprus) to embark on your journey with the company and kick-start the project or business incubation process. 

The company, GIFA Holding Ltd aiming to select only the 4 best business proposal ideas! 

Philanthropic Projects

Since 2017 GIFA Holding Ltd embark on philanthropic works through its Food Aid Program providing assistance to the local communities and for the needy families living in remote areas such as the Karpaz region. The company also distributed basic items like blankets, drinking clean water, food parcels to over 200 needy families living in Büyükkonuk, Güzelyurt, and the surrounding villages.

Mr. Yusuf Kisa

GIFA Holding's officer handing out food packages to the woman in Karpaz.

The company's samaritan objective is to make sure that all marginalized people received the help and necessary support they may need. ''Our food aid efforts have put smiles on many families' faces''. ''Most people who received our aid have expressed their satisfaction and thanked the company leadership for its generosity, in responding to the government's calls for patriotism and national assistance''. ''We hope other business entities will show the same care as we do.'' The self-made magnet has drawn the attention of the media on several occasions for his philanthropic ecumenism and generous donations, sponsorships to various charities, organizations, football clubs, schools, and aspirational individuals.

GIFA Holding Ltd is one of the prominent companies in Northern Cyprus and a conglomerate listed on major economic indexes include the US stock market. The company successfully carved its niche, earning a good name for providing well-tailored consultancy services internationally, especially lending financial solutions in the Middle East countries. The company lent a consultation staggering over €18 billion ($21 billion) in 2017 and €50 billion ($59 billion) in 2018. We could not able to get the data for 2019-2021, this section may be updated later.

The company provided financial assistance to CAS the struggling domestic airline and cargo service that is still in the midst of a critical financial crisis leading to the company’s possible closure. GIFA Holding offered a bid to buy and revive the airline company in order to save the jobs of 137 employees. 

GIFA Token

Given his tremendous wealth and his business ecumene, Mr. Yusuf Kisa is one of the world’s first cryptocurrency investors and earliest adopters, according to the insider source he founded the GIFA Token crypto exchange along with other shareholders last year.  But, the plan to introduce GIFA Token has been for a long time drafted on paper since 2016.  Cryptocurrency in general, and bitcoin in particular, has been gaining major attraction. GIFA Token is the first digital currency in Northern Cyprus (T.R.N.C) that offers a wide variety of crypto investment portfolios to its customers.

''The first thing I'll do the day I make my investors become millionaires is to serve them a nice cup of coffee''

The valuation of GIFA Holding Ltd’s cryptocurrency, GIFA Token, has raised from a mere $1.00 (USD) to $140 million when it was first issued in December 2020 to 46 thousand institutional investors, making the cryptocurrency one of the fast-growing digital currencies in the market.  Despite the exchange which is now under maintenance and upgrading following a surge in trading volume and limited server. GIFX's slow but steady expansion proves that it will surely become a sought-after digital asset and store of value.

  • GIFA Holding Ltd's headquarters.
  • Mr.Yusuf Kis.
  • GIFA Holding Ltd

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