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GIFA Token's Final Stage 98% Upgrade Is Done

GIFA Token — exchange announced that 98% of the work so far has been successfully done on the cryptocurrency platform, now pushing the platf...

GIFA Token — exchange announced that 98% of the work so far has been successfully done on the cryptocurrency platform, now pushing the platform in the final stage. GIFA Token's website lain dormant following the migration to a new server and ran critical upgrades there which started on 17 August 2021. The migration and upgrade were triggered by a surge of increasing users that put pressure on the trading platform.

"The launch of the GIFX exchange last year and its continuity today in cryptosphere cementing our footprints into the industry giving us insightful ideas and good experience to learn, allowing the company to develop a purpose-built crypto platform, that will prove to be useful to all types of users, amateurs and professionals. "We see great potential in the fintech sector, digital currency is the future of money and therefore the company is more willing to invest its resources and energy in the project. 

Testing and Delivery

At this point, we are moving to the final stage to make the trading platform, website, and Apps available to the public once again. GIFX exchange has started implementing a series of upgrades consecutively, which includes a transition to, Berlin hard fork and then proof of stake. The aim is to improve security and increase transaction throughput using sharding, an advanced database architecture. The company said it has gone through multiple stages of testing functionality, verifying, and transforming the whole GIFA Token exchange. GIFA Token is a cryptocurrency that operates as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

Rest Assured Your Assets are Safe

GIFX exchange understands that probably how frustrated you are at this trying time, we take the security as well as the safety of your funds as a top priority. We want to assure you that your digital assets are safe and sound. We understand your willingness and desire to be part of this monumental project that significantly holds a positive future impact.

Our customers should not fear that GIFX exchange perhaps is under hack or running away, it simply is not true! All of your digital assets are secured and this new upgrade will now make the platform more robust and impregnable. We also want to remind our investors that GIFA Token will continue to protect their investment interests and take comfort in knowing we are here for you. We will continue to ensure that you have access to your digital across all our mediums: mobile application, digital wallet, and exchange. Our customer service is ready to assist you should you have any concerns. We do not want you to worry.

GIFA Token users are encouraged to observe the level of patience as they already did conveniently during this trying time. We are also recommending users utilize this moment to prepare and save enough funds for the big BONANZA and more rewarding promotions coming up your away when the upgrade process is finished. Download our mobile app now to securely monitoring your accounts, make trade deposits, and transfer money internationally.  It is our hope that the customers of GIFA Token trust us with their funds. We thank you for your loyalty during this trying time.

Some of the works done these include:
  • Migration to a new and bigger server. In most cases, this involves transferring, installing, and configuring the core set of essential features and components needed to enhance the platform.
  • System auditing – The team runs a system audit to test the platform conformity.
  • Install trading tools – Adding more features and trading tools to the platform.
  • Fixing bugs – bug tracking and fix any issues that may crop up on the system.

For more information about GIFA Token's investment opportunity or any query, please get in touch with the GIFA Token's support team at /

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