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GIFA Token Introducing VIP Trading Platform

GIFA Token cryptocurrency exchange has announced the launch of its new VIP Trading Platform , which includes the trading infrastructures req...

GIFA Token cryptocurrency exchange has announced the launch of its new VIP Trading Platform, which includes the trading infrastructures required for the proprietary crypto platform. ''We are very excited to introduce the VIP Trading Platform in meeting the demands and premium conditions for our most exclusive customers''. All VIP account holders enjoy the best pricing and free extra trading tools provided by the GIFX exchange. "We've put the best resources and energy into the process of designing, developing, and testing our new system."

Trading Platforms

  1. VIP Trading Platform
  2. Standard Trading Platform

Why trade cryptos with GIFX

The price of GIFA Token (GIFX) is greatly determined by the adoption rate: This digital currency has the potential to produce a new batch of cryptocurrency millionaires or billionaires in the future. Given the decentralized nature of the crypto market, the digital currency remains unaffected by the common economic pressure and political factors that usually influence traditional currencies like the USD, GBP, EUR, and others. Over a couple of months since the dawn of the pandemic, markets are showing increased volatility and liquidity, as uncertainty increase regarding the global economic inflation impacted from COVID-19 that still rages on.

For that reason, GIFX exchange has invested a lot of resources and efforts making both two platforms, the VIP Trading Platform and Standard Trading Platform as speedy, secure, profitable, and simple to navigate as possible. Traders and investors can now choose from over 20+ digital assets listed on GIFX platforms to trade: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litcoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB), GIFA Token (GIFX), Dogecoin (DOGE) and more others are coming. GIFX exchange takes the trading matters of its clients seriously, that's why they have gone the extra miles to make the markets accessible to all types of investors and traders. 
Entering into the world of trading with GIFX and helping you for success.

Over 100 people so far have already signed up for the VIP Trading Platform in the past few days. The CEO, Mr. Yusuf Kisa says, ''We want to thank our new clients for putting their trust in us, and we promise not to let them down." The company has also stated that all platforms are both encrypted to the highest level in order to stay ahead of any possible cyber intrusion, therefore promising maximum security for all our clients, especially financial data. This security feature is applied to all client accounts and is not reliant on the type of account chosen.

In order to qualify, traders must deposit a minimum of $300,000 to start trading on a VIP Trading Platform. 

The new VIP Trading Platform is more advantageous in the seamless way of allowing the trader endless opportunities to generate a lot of money in the short-term or long term. Unlike the Standard account holders who need to trade quite often in order to make tangible money. Simply, the VIP account holders have more advantages and privileges than the Standard account holders. In addition, the opportunity to trade with transparent pricing on a GIFX network is an advantage that is second to none. 

What is a VIP trading platform? 

A VIP trading platform is an account specially designed for the high rollers in the cryptocurrency industry, or otherwise known as premium trading accounts or institutional accounts that designed to offer custom-tailored services for professional traders and institutional investors, who have loads of cash to trade and can afford to put in hundreds and even millions of dollars in a trading account. It is for this group of traders that the GIFA Token - VIP Trading Platform has been created for, allowing them to enjoy great benefits by putting their big money to work on their behalf


GIFA Token's VIP trading platform is for those who can be classified as Very Important Personalities in the crypto market, and anyone who meets the criteria is part of this group. A minimum deposit into a VIP trading account is required, which is starts from $300,000 (USD). The VIP trading account is superior to the Standard account as it offers many additional benefits to the holder. This premium account is available to both professional and individual traders of any level who have large funds available to trade with. 


  • The VIP account holders enjoy 'around-the-clock priority client support'.
  • The VIP account holders can trade all instruments listed on the website and Apps.
  • Request more financial instruments.
  • Enjoy higher leverage and better execution.
  • Faster deposits and withdrawals.
  • Receive our very best prices and exclusive event invitations.

VIP account holders can benefit from various exclusive and premium services offered by the GIFA Holding company. These can include a free in-depth market analysis provided on a daily or monthly basis, institutional quality liquidity, low spreads, faster execution times, and more. VIP account holders also get charged lower commission fees and are offered competitive trading costs. 

Another advantage of owning a GIFX VIP trading account is the fact that it affords traders the opportunity to risk a small percentage of their equity capital on each trade. The more the traders got large balances, the more added level of service and support will receive from the company. They also have access to more sophisticated trading tools and applications to enhance their trading experience.

How to get a VIP trading account (Steps)

  1. Register
  2. Complete registration, 
  3. Log in to your Client Area
  4. Upload the required documents.
  5. Create a trading account 
  6. Once your trading account approved
  7. Select payment method (Bank transfer / Deposit)
  8. Fund your trading account 
  9. Payment confirmed
  10. Start trading.


VIP accounts come with various benefits and tailor-made services for traders. Any trader who is looking to learn the dynamics of the market and meets the minimum conditions for opening a VIP account in the trading platform would be able to benefit from features that are not available with a standard account.


Trading cryptocurrency or investing in financial instruments comes with a risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand or seek an independent financial advisory and we are not the financial experts.

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