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Public Announcement: GIFA Token ICO Phase 1 Ends In Success

GIFA Token - GIFX 1st Phase ICO ended. / Blockchain Market GIFA Crypto Centre is extremely happy to announce that GIFA Token (GIFX) ICO Pha...

GIFA Token - GIFX 1st Phase ICO ended. / Blockchain Market
GIFA Crypto Centre is extremely happy to announce that GIFA Token (GIFX) ICO Phase 1 Initial Coin Offering has ended in success. The 1st Phase of GIFX  ICO has been an incredible success story. The ICO began on 9th September 2020 and ended on 9th January 2021.  Phase 2 ICO starts from 10th January 2021 to  9th July 2021. Hurry up and join Phase 2, be a pioneer!

GIFA Token the ''People's Cryptocurrency'', a preferred choice by the global community and recognized as a decentralized B2B medium of exchange, independent of any financial institution or any other central authority.
Not so long ago, in September 2020, GIFA Holding Ltd had launched its’ own brand of cryptocurrency known as GIFA TOKEN (GIFX) using the new trend in blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies, backed by blockchain technology, are considered to be one of the top emerging industries of this century. At GIFA Holding Ltd we are extremely happy to announce the successful completion of the first Phase (PHASE 1) of the ICO that begun from 9th September 2020 to 9th January 2021. During the period, we have successfully allocated and sold over 120 million GIFA Tokens, equalling over $100 million (USD) income for our company and subscribers.

During the same period, we have entered into agreements and signed protocols with over 100 global and local online and offline retailers, suppliers, providers, and manufacturers (furniture manufacturers and suppliers, car dealers, healthcare providers, and many more service providers, retailers, and stores who will introduce GIFA Token (GIFX) as a cryptocurrency Payment Method (online and offline) acceptable in their respective businesses.

We are also very excited to grant and facilitate access to the products and commodities as well as the services to the holders of GIFA Token. We are also stepping up our efforts to finance, through GIFA Token, start-up businesses, new projects such as (Real estate developments, Purpose-built Retirement complexes, GIFA Theme Park, ‘GIFXZONE’  – Producers to Consumers Direct Online Marketing Platform – Supply & Demand Chain for small medium and large businesses).

The Phase 1 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has allowed our newly launched GIFA Token to sell to the global community, offering each and every token owner the opportunity to join the exciting journey and the venture ahead with GIFA Holding Ltd. Through Phase 1 ICO we have already begun the process of recruiting and building strong public support and partnerships, raised capital from individual investors and token subscribers, and most importantly, democratized funding from a wide range of people and from as many continents across the globe. The interest shown so far has been overwhelming and much greater than we had ever anticipated.

We are now looking forward to launching GIFX Phase 2 ICO with the aim of raising a further $350 million USD capital to fund our next phase of the new projects (as described in our White Paper). We will also be continuing to build partnership and bridges with business and non-business communities across the globe, establish GIFX Token Teams and networks across different continents, utilize and engage the latest technical crypto and digital expertise, have the foresight and adopt and adhere to regulatory compliance of each region we would be establishing a presence. 

The journey we are embarking upon will not only be fruitful to the prosperity of GIFA Holding and GIFA enterprises as a whole, but also to our supporters and subscribers worldwide. Not only will we be aiming to seek support for our business and project ideas and raise funds, but we will also be looking to support and finance (through GIFA Token) the ideas of our supporters and business partners across many continents.

Take a step into the Crypto World with GIFA Token

One of the New and exciting initiatives which will be funded by the 2nd Phase of the ICO will be the launching of ‘GIFA Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship for the graduates and new would-be entrepreneurs across the globe. We shall be seeking out the next generation of ‘Bill Gates - MICROSOFT’, ‘Mark Andreessen - NETSCAPE’ ‘Jeff Bezos - AMAZON’ ‘Brian Cheskyark -AIRBNB’ ‘Steve Jobs - APPLE’ ‘Satoshi Nakamoto - BITCOIN’ and ‘Oprah Winfrey - THE OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK’. For this purpose alone, GIFA Holding (GIFA Token) shall be setting aside $40 million.

GIFA Token (GIFX) can help you finance and fund your projects or start-up businesses:
  • If you have an idea for a new business or trying to launch a new project, securing the necessary funds certainly is a challenge. We are here to support you and help discover the next success stories. 
  • At GIFA Holding Ltd our customers and subscribers are at the heart of what we do. 
  • We are grateful we truly appreciate their trust and support in helping us to successfully launch GIFA Token. 
  • Our Company is built on strong ethical values and principles. 
  • We shall continue to strive towards providing the best value and best quality service possible and we aim to reach our goals in Phase 2 ICO that commence from 10th January 2021 to  9th July 2021. Hurry up and join Phase 2, be a pioneer!
This important announcement is a special courtesy of GIFA Holding Ltd, the governing board oversight “GIFA Token project”

GIFA Headquarters at Dr Fazıl Küçük BoulevardHamitköy JunctionLefkosa / Nicosia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 99040.

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