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GIFA Token - Crypto Exchange

GIFA Token-exchange / GIFX While understanding the volatility associated with investing in this asset class, selecting a crypto exchange is ...

GIFA Token-exchange / GIFX
While understanding the volatility associated with investing in this asset class, selecting a crypto exchange is one a person should keep in mind when considering investing in the crypto industry. The griming of Crypoecosystem is so elusive and also very fascinating at the same time if you hesitate to take part in the decentralized economy you might be left behind.

Join hundreds of thousands of traders who have already mastered the smarter strategies for investing and trading the token/coin at the GIFA Token exchange, the all in one crypto ecosystem. GIFA trading exchange offer opportunities from trading to owning, to transferring to storing your digital asset, GIFA Token has the full package. It’s the integration of all these levels of the crypto experience into one, full-blown ecosystem that makes GIFX great. Do it all in one place! Below are important skeleton features that made up the GIFA Token-exchange:

GIFA Wallet

  • Opening a way to the crypto world. 
  • Store and transfer your crypto and fiat assets. 
  • Easily and securely managing your digital assets. 
  • Transfer money to your trading accounts and back effortlessly. 
  • Enhance your experience now.

GIFA Trading Platform

  • The proprietary platform that gives you all the power to ripe huge returns in an easier and more accessible interface. 
  • With trading features and all the necessary tools, you can trade intuitively and effectively. 
  • GIFX is the trading experience you looking for!

GIFA Exchange Platform

  • An intuitive exchange platform dedicated exclusively to cryptocurrencies. Here you can do business with ease like a pro.
  • GIFA Exchange bridges the $300 trillion global financial market with the cryptocurrency market on a single platform.
  • It is an extremely fluid, secure, and inclusive trading exchange built on blockchain technology and ready to facilitate your access to capital markets.
Symbol photo of cryptocurrency, digital currencies /Getty
After jumping nearly four times in 2020, bitcoin has been on a tear this year with prices soaring past the $40,000 level Friday. The rally for the bull has attracted many first-time buyers to cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. The experts have jotted out some of the key factors one must consider for selecting a crypto exchange and here they are:

Order book: The depth of the order book, which is a list of buy and sell orders for security, can help investors in making more informed decisions. However, the order book at different exchanges can be different.

Sometimes when there is a large order placed, there might be slippages, which means the investor receives a different price than intended. The lesser the slippage, the more robust is the order matching mechanism of the crypto exchange.

Only a few crypto exchanges have disclosed their order book: ''It does not take much time to evaluate them by doing a side by side comparison of the current state of their order book," said Ajeet Khurana, founder, Genezis Network, a think tank for crypto startup investments.

Nature of KYC: Although there are no clear guidelines as to what constitutes know your customer (KYC) at crypto exchanges. In light of this, many exchanges have evolved their own KYC mechanism based on what regulated entities such as mutual funds or banks follow.

“If an exchange is making it very easy for the customer to do a KYC, then this means that their process might be lax. While it would seem that onboarding an investor is easier, in the long run, everybody will lose, as there could be problems in the KYC process. Make sure that the compliance by the exchange is on the higher side," said Khurana, who was earlier chief executive officer of ZebPay.

Custody mechanism: In the case of stock exchanges, major exchanges have automated features that are responsible for matching a buyer and seller's orders to conform security on the platforms. Make sure that you are comfortable with and confident about the exchange’s security, the processes, trade toolkits, and the technology to safeguard the digital assets.

Recordkeeping: Recordkeeping for the purpose of personal accounting and income tax is a very important factor. There are big divergences in the quality of reports made available by different crypto exchanges. Make sure that records provided by the exchange can be easily tracked and managed.

On the importance of transaction fees in selecting a crypto exchange, Khurana said, “While they can make a big difference if volumes are high, most exchanges have converged to relatively similar prices, so, that can’t be a big factor in selecting an exchange." 

As the crypto space is evolving and there is a high demand for cryptocurrencies, instances of scams have also increased. Therefore, it is important for investors to save themselves from scam crypto exchanges that operated from pockets.

3 Stages To Kick-Start On GIFA Token Exchange

  1. Register
  • Sign up for a free GIFA account and start experiencing GIFA Token to the fullest with just $10 (Ten USD).
     2. Verify
  • Complete your GIFA profile by uploading your Proof of Identity and Proof of Residence to get verified and unlock the entire GIFX experience.
     3. Fund
  • Make a deposit via any payment method indicated on the system to start trading today.
    4. Trade
  • Take a step into the future with GIFA Token.
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